Online Gaming with “Headsets”

I just want my Teens to be able to play online with their Friends with a “Headset” on so they can “speak” with them

(City Living & Get Famous needed)

So with this Mod i added a new Pie Menu to Video Gaming Consoles called “Online Gaming with Headsets”  where you can choose a Color Swatch. There are nine possible Colors Swatches for the Hat/Headphone CAS (see Picture above) available:

  • Beige/Red
  • Red/White
  • White/Pink
  • LightBlue/Orange
  • Green/LightBlue
  • Lavender/Black
  • Black/Gold
  • Burgundy/Grey
  • Blue/Grey

This way you can give Teens (and above) their own Headset Style.

After you activate a Headset it will be automatically visible when Teens (and above) play online or in a Tournament via the Video Gaming Consoles and vanish again when they are finished.

If you don’t want them to wear it anymore when playing online you can just deactivate the Headset via the Pie Menu.

Having the Buff will fill the Social Motive and gain some Emotional Control for Teens/Kids.




Mod Support available via my Discord: