Offer Appeareance Styling & earn Money (Get Famous)

This Mod let’s you style NPCs and earn Money.

Styling a NPC will give you:

  • 150 $ for Children
  • 225 $ for Teens
  • 300 $ for Young Adults and older

Famous Sims will pay a little extra ( depending on their Level between 50-250$ extra)

You can carry the All in One Styling Station in your Inventory to Style NPCs in Parks or even on the Street. (If you use my Hire MakeUp Artist Mod use the updated Version which makes both Mods compatible!)

I also added an Icon and Fame/Reputation Loot to the Offer App. Stying Interaction.

Tip: If it is raining and the Station is outside close the Umbrella before using the “Put in Inventory” Interaction or else the Game might not like it.


Mod Support available via my Discord: