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The Odd Job Overhaul mod adds 20 new Odd Jobs to the Sims 4 game. Not only does it add new Odd Jobs, but it also adds buffs to all the Jobs and their different outcomes including EA's. But that's not everything.


What's included in this mod:

  • 20 new Odd Jobs (more added with every update)
  • Buffs to every different outcome of every Job including EA's
  • All Odd Jobs now show the Duration of the Job including EA's
  • Now you gain a small amount of skill while doing a Job
  • With Critical Failure there is a chance you can gain a fear (Dead-End Job NOT included)
  • Optional: Add or Remove Preferences depending on the outcome of the Job


  • DLC: Island Living
  • If you've any questions or find any problems or spelling mistakes. Please let me know in my Discord 
  • Please Read Terms of Use



  • Preference Plus by Helaene (adds more preferences your sim can Like or Dislike)
  • Mood Override by xosdr/me (overrides all "Very" moods in game)