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Nut Processor is a small appliance that can be used to make different types of nut milk.  It can be found in buy mode under "Appliances -> Small appliances", it should be placed on a counter. It costs 479$.

When you press on the Processor you'll see two options to make single nut milk or a pack, each will open a selection menu and you can choose from 10 different types of nut milks.

For single milk, you can use 5 ingredients of a certain type, and for a pack - 20. One pack contains 6 bottles.

It's required level 3 of cooking to make the milks!

The flat price for a single bottle is 15$ and for a pack is 70$, but if you have the needed ingredients it's free.

The ingredients are optional and require SCCO. The milks are also SCCO tagged so can be used in recipes that require ANY Lactose Free Milk.



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