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This mod was adopted from ShuSanR, who announced back in February 2022 that they would stop modding and playing with the Sims 4. At the same time, only the idea remained from the original mod, because the mod code was completely rewritten, so I can already call the mod mine.

Mod Description

This mod removes your Sims' shoes, socks, glasses and hats when they fall asleep in bed or sleeping bag, otherwise it looks a bit strange... Sofas are not affected! Likewise, shoes and socks are automatically removed when swimming and playing in the fountain, as unfortunately the game does not always do this automatically.

You will find the following modules in the download archive:

  • No Shoes No Accessories CORE v. 3.1.1 (required)
  • Addon: Keep Shoes When Relaxing (optional)
  • Addon: Keep Socks When Relaxing (optional)

The mod is designed for the base game and therefore does not use Snowy Escape's shoes-off animations. With addons, shoes and socks are not automatically removed during relaxation interactions. So you have to delete the addons if you want to do so while relaxing.

Comment: Bienchen also has similar mods for taking off shoes when swimming and in the fountain. However, all of his mods are overriding mods. My mods didn't overwrite anything so it's safer and more stable for possible changes with updates and patches.


  • English, German, and Spanish in my own translation.
  • Russian translation from wild_guy.
  • Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese from WANZI.

Players playing in other languages have the English strings.


There shouldn't be any compatibility problems because the mod doesn't overwrite anything.

Required Terms

For full functionality are required:

Compatible with the Base Game! You have to allow the scripts in your game settings.



Mod Support available via my Discord: