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My Little Neighborhood

We don’t have Open Worlds or Open Neighborhoods, so i often feel like the World around my Sims Home is too empty. So i wanted to be able to use my 64x64 Lot to seperate it into “my Lot” and a Park plus Cáfe “next to it”. This Mod enables more Life in your Neighborhood with a “Park Next Door” and more.

How the Mod works: 

You’ll find a new Lot Trait/Challenge in Build buy which you can add to any Residential or Community Lot. 

This Lot Trait/Challenge will enable all Features of the Mod. 

On Doors you will find a new “My Little Neighborhood” Pie Menu with new Interactions to enable (and disable) “Next Door Types”.

So far added are:

  • Park Next Door (Enable/Disable)
    Toddler to Elder will spawn and visit the Park. Toddler will also bring a Parent along. Visitors will use most Outdoor Objects like Chess Table, Skate Ring, Swings, Basketball etc.
    Vendors spawn as well, when a Marketstall is on the Lot (max three Marketstalls/Vendors are supported).
  • Cáfe Next Door (Enable/Disable)
    *only available when an EspressoBar is on the Lot
    A Barista will spawn around 8 am. Customers will arrive shortly after. After around 10 pm the Cáfe will be closed on no Barista/Customers will spawn anymore and current on the Lot Guests & Barista will leave shortly after 10 pm.
  • more “Next Door Types” will be added in the future…

Important Info: 

To make the spawning feel more natural Visitors/Customers will spawn off lot as well and walk to your Lot. Keep in mind the default Zone Limit is 20 Sims. This means maximal 20 Sims will spawn which includes your own Houeshold and all other Sims/Pets spawned on your Lot and around your Neighborhood. I recommend to use a Mod to set the default higher if your PC can handle that (for example with MCCC). Weather will influence the chance of Sims visiting. For example, when it is Freezing no Park Visitors will spawn unless maybe a few very crazy ones.

Since all Mod Sims are allowed to go on your Lot, i recommend to Lock your Doors or Gates to keep them out of your House!


There is also a new Setting Menu under the “My Little Neighborhood” Pie Menu where you can find the following Settings:

General Settings 
*always available

  • Shared Bills (Enable/Disable)
    Enabled Shared Bills will decrease your Bills for each “Next Door” Type by 10%
  • Janitor (Enable/Disable)
    A Janitor will spawn either around 9 pm or 6 am depending on the “Next Door” Types added. Janitors will clean and repair and will stay around 3 hrs. Via “Send Home” on the Janitor itself, you can send them away earlier.
  • Allow Cats (Enable/Disable)
    *only available when indeed a Cat is available
    Allows Cats who are living in the Neighborhood to visit the Lot
  • Allow Dog Owner (Enable/Disable)
    *only available when indeed a Household with a Dog is available
    Dog Owner may visit the Lot as well

Park Settings
*are only available when the “Park Next Door” is enabled

  • More Park Visitors (Enable/Disable)
    Unlimits the number of possible Visitors spawning. (Default: max. 3 Toddler, 3 Children, 3 Teens, 3 Young Adults - Adults and 2 Elder at the same time spawned)
  • No Toddlers at Parks (Enable/Disable)
    Stops Toddlers spawning at “Parks Next Door”

Cáfe Settings are only available when the “Cáfe Next Door” is enabled

  • More Cáfe Visitors (Enable/Disable)
    Unlimits the number of possible Visitors spawning. (Default: max. 9 Customers at the same time can spawn)
  • Second Barista (Enable/Disable)
    An additional Barista will spawn to either work on a second Expresso bar, help cleaning up, or standing around looking good.

Recommended Mods to use with this: 

  •  “T.O.O.L.” by Twisted Mexi which let’s you move Objects outside the Lot which can be used by Visitors as well. 
  • “MC Command Center” by Deaderpool to let more than 20 Sims be spawnable per zone
  • “Unlock/Lock Doors for chosen Sims” by me 
  • “Force to leave” by me

Optional Addons

Lot Challenge
Addon which moves the Lot Trait to be a Lot Challenge instead since you can only have three Lot Traits but unlimited Lot Challenges


  • English (default)
  • German by me
  • Russian by Origamika
  • Dutch by SCbessie
  • Portuguese by Theuso
  • Japanese by maru dada
  • Italian by xISYx
  • Traditional Chinese by Licer
  • Simplified Chinese by Licer
  • Spanish by Carlota Palacin
  • Polish by Dariaxx
  • Finnish by veraamariaa
  • Swedish by namelessperson98


Mod Support available via my Discord: