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Master Handyman/Handywoman Aspiration

Master Handyman/Handywoman Aspiration

Required Pack: Get Together


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Beginner Handyman/Handywoman
Read a Handiness Book
Reach Level 3 Handiness Skill
Repair an Object

Good Handyman/Handywoman
Reach Level 6 Handiness Skill
Upgrade 3 Objects
Start Handiness Club

Great Handyman/Handywoman
Reach Level 8 Handiness Skill
Earn 250 Points from Handiness Club
Repair an Object

Master Handyman/Handywoman
Brag about Handiness
Max Handiness Skill

Repair an Object
Give Repair Tips
Level up in Handiness
Salvage Parts
Upgrade Objects
Mentor in Handiness

2500 Simoleons and Handy Reward Trait