Karaoke Master Aspiration

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Karaoke Master Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living and Get Together


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Karaoke Beginner
Create a Karaoke Club
Enter Karaoke Contest
Sing Karaoke at Venues
Watch Karaoke Performance

Karaoke Singer

Reach Level 5 in singing

Throw a House Party and Sing Karaoke
Sing Karaoke Duet

Karaoke Performer
Enter Karaoke Contest
Reach Level 8 in Singing 
Sing Karaoke 5 Times

Karaoke Star
Max Singing Skill
Sing Karaoke 10 Times

Sing Karaoke
Sing a Karaoke Solo Song
Sing a Karaoke Duet
Sing in the Shower

Reward Trait
7000 Simoleons and a Karaoke Machine


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