Juice Processor


Juice Processor is a small appliance that can be used to make different types of fresh juices and nektars.  It can be found in buy mode under "Appliances -> Small appliances". It costs 300$, and it comes in 15 different colors.

When you press on the object you'll see 4 options to make a Jug of Fresh Juice or Nektar, or to make a Glass of Fresh Juice or Nektar, each will open a selection menu and you can choose from 15 different fresh juices, and 14 different nektars.

Increasing your cooking skill will unlock different flavors. At L1 is available only a few fresh juices, at L6 you unlock the nektars. 

Each drink has optional ingredients, if you have the needed ingredients it's free, otherwise, you can just purchase the drink.

For fresh juice, the optional ingredients are all EA fruits plus my Lime and Orange.

For nektars the optional ingredients are all kompots from my Kompot Processing Stove.

The Juice Processor needs to be placed on a counter.

When you produce a Jug, it will stay fresh forever. To be able to grab a glass first you'll see an option to 'Freshen Up' the drink, once you do that, the interaction to 'Grab A Drink' will show up next. You can grab the glasses one by one, and they will go directly into your Sim's inventory. One Jug contains 6 glasses of juice/nektar.



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