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Improved Practical Spells

This Mod tweaks random Spells and adds more to them

Since the Mod gets too big i moved it into it’s own Mod Page (was one of the Random Small Mods)

While playing i missed some features for some spells i actually used ingame and added/adjusted them:


  • Added Scruberoo on Toddler, Children & Pets
  • Scruberoo used on Potty will now get rid of the green steam
  • Added Scruberoo to Hamper to clean up Clothes
  • Added Scruberoo to Floors which will clean the Dust on the whole Lot


  • Added Repairio on broken Plumbing (Washing Machine)
  • Using Repairio on a broken Clothing Line will now fix it completely


  • Added Delicioso & Grand Delicioso to Tables & Counters so they will be conjured there instead of the Terrain
  • Added a Delicioso Pie Menu to Floors, which has 5 new Interactions to let your Spellcaster choose the Food, Pet Food or Drink they want to conjure.

    The 5 Interactions open Picker Menus where you can choose the Food/Drink:
    + Appetizer
    + Dessert
    + Food
    + Drink** (Potions, Serums etc are also chooseable)
    + Pet Food (Only available when a Pet Bed, Toy, Bowl etc is on the Lot)

    Sims with higher Skills (min lvl 6 Gourmet Cooking or 8 Homestyle Cooking/for Drinks min lvl 6 Bartending) will conjure Outstanding Quality Food/Drinks instead of normal Quality Food/Drinks. 

    The Food/Drink will be conjured in the Sims Inventory.  

    This is compatible with all Packs & Custom Food that have certain Tags in their recipes. And it is compatible with my More Servings Options Mod as well.

    ** Known Issue: 
    Some Drinks are not “complete” when conjuring. This Mod is based on recipe_tags and some recipes are crafting recipes that are completed in extra interactions. So far the only Drinks i saw affected where the ones that get crafted via the Expresso Machine. If you have Twisted Mexis All Cheats Mod you can cheat “Refill” on them or don’t conjure those.



Mod Support available via my Discord: