Hot Dog Stand

Base Game Compatible


How it Works:

  • Go into Build/Buy mode and search for the Hot Dog Stand (or you can find it under Large Appliances). Place it on the lot.
  • Click on the stall and click "Hire Vendor" (it's cost free)
  • Once the vendor is in the stall, click to bring up the menu
  • Or you can directly buy food without Vendor from the option 'Get A Hot Dog'
  • You can also Tend the stand

You can buy all types of hot dog  that are available from the Hot Dog Stroll.


Note: As you can see the design of the stand is pretty simple, because of this I had to get creative implementing the stand in the game with other option than the regular stalls in the game I usually use, so instead I used for a base the Bar from the game, so if you have a bar on the lot and hire a vendor for the hot dog stand, they might go to the bar instead, so it's better to keep bars away.


I hope you like it! Feel free to share your opinion and don't hesitate to contact me if you experienced any issues!