Grannies Cookbook (Food Enabler)


This is a Sims 4 custom food mod enabler. Please read through on how to install! 👩‍🍳🍳


This download only contains the Grannies Cookbook food enabler (the book).

 Recipes will need to be downloaded separately. If using this version, please only download from curseforge. If you are wanting the most recent recipes, download only from patreon. Thanks!

This is so the book can be updated separately to allow for new recipe tuning without the need to redownload all the older recipes each time the book is updated. 


If you are wanting the basic all-in-one version, please download this version instead - download here (does not contain newer recipes and is an older version of the book. Only use one version!!)



This mod will not override the in-game cooking appliances so can be used alongside other custom food mods. There should not be any conflicts. 

This version of Grannies Cookbook now requires the Homestead Helper for recipes to work correctly.

How to Play:

  • you can find Grannies Old Cookbook in the small appliances section in the kitchen (microwaves). Or you can search 'LBB' or 'Cookbook'
  • place the cookbook anywhere on your lot (I find the kitchen to be most suited)
  • click to bring up the pie menu and have your sim cook 🍽


  • Snacks
  • Hot Drinks ~ tea/coffee machine required for some recipes
  • Cold Drinks
  • Toddler Food ~ highchair on lot required
  • Appetisers
  • Breakfast
  • Meals
  • Dessert
  • BBQ ~ grill on lot required
  • Speciality Recipes ~ Baking, Gourmet, Grand Meals



  • Rename the cookbook to your liking and even add a description!
  • Give the book as a gift (using seasons ep
  • Live-drag around your lot!
  • Stackable, small and has a small deco slot to place clutter on top to help hide the book in your sims kitchen!
  • Place into your sims inventories to cook Grannies Recipes on a different lot!


For a complete(ish) list of recipes check here - To Grannies Recipe Tin - Bulk Recipe Download


Swatches 🌈




Desserts section not working - please remove the chocolate egg ice cream dessert recipe as it requires the cool kitchen stuff pack to work.

Recipes missing - each recipe requires a different cooking skill level and will only be available to cook if your sim has the level required.

Last Exception (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_model') - You have an outdated version of the cookbook or you have downloaded a recipe that is not compatible with the current cookbook version. Either remove the recipe or update the cookbook. 

Recipe showing in Better Exceptions - Please see list here and re download recipe.


Apologies for being slow to update on here. If you want the latest releases and versions, you can find them on my patreon or links through my tumblr. Thank you for your understanding! 🤗