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Get Together Hip To The Max Cardboard As A StreetStore

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(This is NOT an override but just a mesh copy. So you can still use the game's original Hip To The Max Cardboard for dancing.)


I love Rags To Riches gameplay.


When starting from zero simoleons though, the original streetstores in the game can be too fancy and pricey for my homeless Sim.


So, I modified Get Together's Hip To The Max Cardboard to act like the City Living streetstore table. All textures are original to the game.


This cardboard has its own inventory and can be carried around everywhere. It can be placed on the ground anywhere that's accessible to Sims. Be careful with some terrain though because the mesh is too thin, like a floor carpet rug. It can disappear under uneven raised terrain or thickly vegetated grounds.


This cardboard can also display as much as many wares because I put as much object slots that is possible on it.




P.S. I only make mods that I use myself. I hope they prove useful to you too.


P.S. again: Make sure you have the required expansion pack/s needed for my mods to work. This mod specifically requires City Living and Get Together.