Film Career
Required Pack: Get Famous
Other Requirements: XML Injector  

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Career Levels
Background Extra
Best Boy/Girl
Key Grip
Personal Assistant
Production Manager
Acting Branch 

TV Actor
Featured Actor
Supporting Actor
Lead Actor
Superstar Actor
Directing Branch

2nd Unit Director
Script Writer
Assistant Director
Distinguished Director
Promotion Tasks
Practice Writing (Directing Branch)
Max Writing Skill (Directing Branch)
Max Acting Skill (Acting Branch)
Max Media Production Skill (Directing Branch)
Become Global Superstar (Both Branches)
Write Movie Screenplay (Directing Branch)
Write Screenplay (Directing Branch)
Perform Acting Routine (Acting Branch)
Practice Acting (Acting Branch)
Work From Home Tasks
Perform Acting Scenes or Edit Videos
Perform Acting Routine
Meet a Co-Worker
Acting - Actor Branch
Writing  - Directing Branch
Media Production - Directing Branch


Sims with a Drama degree will jump to the Production Manager Level.