More Experimental Food Servings

With this Mod you’ll have more Servings Options for all Experimental Food Recipes.

Known Issue: I am not a CC Creator so i used the Single Food Servings and Cloned those for the Multi Servings. This means that after taking the last serving the Dish will not look empty.

Recommended Mods to use with this:

  • More Servings Options
    This adds even more Options (2,3,5,6 an 7) to the Menu
  • Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink! (including Cupcakes and Experimental Food)
    This let’s you ask NPCs to cook etc for you and adds the Option to cook Experimental Food via every Stove
  • Cookbooks Cultural, Experimental, Seafood & Jungle
    This let’s you learn all the delicious Recipes without eating them. You can also ask NPCs to read the Book & learn the Recipes


Mod Support available via my Discord: