Event Planner Aspiration

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Event Planner Aspiration
Required Packs: The Sims 4 Base Game
Other Requirements: Event Planner Career and Party Planner Trait


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New Host in Town
Join the Event Planner Career
Have Party Planner Trait
Welcoming Party Planner
Introduce Self to 5 Sims
Have 3 Friends
Reach Level 3 of the Event Planner Career
Event Planning Expert
Host 5 Social Events
Reach Level 7 of the Event Planner Career
Share Party Excitement
Legendary Event Planner
Host 5 Social Events
Earn Gold on 3 Hosted Events
Reach Level 10 of the Event Planner Career
Perfect Host Trait
5000 Simoleons
Skill up in Charisma
Meet Someone New


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