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Can i come over?

Want to visit a Friend but you can’t remember where they lived? Too lazy to search all Worlds for their Lot? Send them a Text and you may will get a text back to go and visit them with just a click.


How the Mod works:

  • Click on “Can i come over?” (Phone - Social) to open a Simpicker which shows all your Sims Friends that have a Home Lot (Kids/Teens only if they are not at school) 
  • Choose the Sim you want to visit
  • After sending them a Text you’ll get a Message back if the Sim is not busy, at work or sleeping
  • Click on “Go!” if you want to go alone or choose more Sims to join you
  • You can also cancel in case you changed your Mind
  • The  “Can i come over?” Interaction has a cooldown of 10 Sim Minutes

Available Languages:
English (Default)
German (by me)
French by Niou/ Lorraine3055/ CandymanGaming
Russian by Origamika
Chinese by 威廉Merkel/ Eason_Clarke
Italian by zomboide
Japanese by maru dada
Polish by Anulay 
Dutch by yeeyeetess
Spanish by Tatsu/ixam
Portuguese by KeiZu
Finnish by Iidesy
Czech by Temari
Swedish by Freja/ namelessperson98
Simplified Chinese by Licer


Mod Support available via my Discord: