Call a Babysitter 

This Mod lets you Call a Babysitter

You can now call a Babysitter via the Phone (Household Menu). Your Sim will send a Text to your choosen Sim instead of calling them 😉 The Babysitter will arrive a few Minutes later, will stay up to 6 hrs and will cost 15 $ per hrs. Of course you can send them Home earlier with the “Ask to Leave” Interaction.

You can choose any Sim with a mind. Friendship Value of 20 and mind. Age Teen!

You can call up to 5 Babysitter which will each cost 15$ per hrs.

Their Behaviour is based on the Nanny Behaviour except of Feeding Kids (they will still feed Babies). If you want them to cook you can use my Ask to Cook… Mod.

What you also need to know:

If you want to call more than one Babysitter make sure to call them all with the same Sim to not double the Costs!

You actually pay them every hrs instead of a sum at the End.

I added several Tuning Files to adjust their Behaviour to take better care of Babies. If you use my Better Nanny Mod (the Better Nanny Part) use the compatible Version and download the updated Better Nanny Version!

Babies will still get send to Daycare if you leave the Lot even if a Babysitter is on the Lot. I will maybe look into this in a future Update.

Recommended Mods:

Smarter Baby Care - which tunes the autonomy of baby care interactions to make Sims treat their newborns much more intelligently.


Mod Support available via my Discord: