Better Autonomous Homework

Within the Homework xmls Autonom is set on true but my kids never do their Homework autonomously for whatever reason. So i made this little tuning mod to change that.

A, B and C Students should make their Homework autonomously now. You should still check if they did their Homework in the evening because sometimes they’re still too lazy 😛

D and E Students still need to be told to do their homework though.

This Mod is compatible with Scarlet’s Homework Overhaul Mod!

Optional Addons

Faster Homework

The higher Career Level the Kid/Teen is the faster they’ll finish their Homework:

  • Level A 100% faster
  • Level B 75% faster
  • Level C 50% faster
  • Level D 25% faster

Homework In Inventory

Since Kids often let their Homework lay around it will “transfered” into the Sims Inventory with this Addon. Should work for Children, Teens & Uni Students. Can be used as a Standalone as well.

NPCs Only at Home

NPCs will only do their Homework autonomously when they are at Home


Languages available:
English (default)
Chinese by Licer
Japanese by maru dada
Portuguese by AnnaSims


Mod Support available via my Discord: