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Baby Food Steamer is a small appliance that can be used to make different types of baby food.  It can be found in buy mode under "Appliances -> Small  appliances", it should be placed on a counter. It costs 300$.

When you press on the Steamer you'll see option to make baby food, when pressed will open a selection menu and you can choose from 19 different types of baby foods.

No cooking skill is required.

Toddler High Chair Should Be Placed On The Lot!

The flat price for a meal is 8$, but if you have the needed ingredients it's free.

The ingredients are optional and require SCCO. For the ingredients I used harvestables from EA and icemunmun.

Note: The Sim doesn't actually interact with the steamer, they will create the food from thin air and place it on the high chair. I did try to make the Sim use the steamer but everytime I tried the adult will end up consuming the food and not placing it on the chair.




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