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Artist (Active) Career
Required Pack: Get to Work and City Living
RequirementsBasemental’s Venue List and XML Injector


Please note mod conflicts: Any other mods that impact venue lists or the lot extender mod will conflict.


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Career Levels
Art Researcher
Finger Painter  
Canvas Creator 
Mural Painter 
Studio Artist  
Art Gallery Rookie
Illustrious Illustrator
Arts Council Member
Prestigious Painter
Interactions (Phone)
Attend Art Council Meeting (Level 8 to 10)
2500 – When you reach Level 10 (Master of The Brush Level)
If your Sim has an Art degree, they will jump to the Studio Artist Level.
Art Studio
Place the Art Studio venue in your game and then make sure you have selected the venue as the lot type. Then your Sim will be promoted to go to work. If you are unable to head to work, watch the active career tutorial video above.