LuumiaSims’ Body Hair Updated (New Version!)

!!! (2023-08-03) *Version 2! Finally Overhauled & Separated, so you can mix and match all categories of body hair!


  • 3 Arm Hairs, 2 Back Hairs, 3 Leg Hairs, & 6 Chest Hairs! (You can mix & match)
  • 24 EA Swatches
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Disabled For Random


"Why not just simply use S4S to change the category of the one Luumia has?"

It wouldn’t have the 24 EA swatches, meaning you couldn’t match it to all the hairs! I also like it this way because if the body hair is matched to the hair color,

it will automatically turn gray when the sim becomes an elder, the same as how eyebrows and facial hair works! I also as of 2023-08-03 separated all the body hairs into their right categories, which allows you to combine maybe super fine chest hair with really hairy arms, for example.


All credit to LuumiaSims for the gorgeous textures! Let me know if something needs changing and I'll see what I can do.