ZT Canfranc Modular Desk

Canfranc Modular Desk


Modular Desk. Part of the Canfranc Collaboration, and fits in either modern or more classical interiors. Due to the modular elements of desk, it's possible to create many variations and possibilities (ie to use as a hall table). More info on the collaboration can be found here.

This items contains:
- Desk Surface, with 4 swatches , found in Surfaces/Desks, § 300
- Desk Cabinet, with 7 swatches, found in satues, § 300
- Desk Legs, with 3 swatches, found in statues, § 75


NB : to place the cabinet and legs underneath the surface, you need to have the cheat bb.moveobjects enabled.


This item is base game compatible and can be found by searching ZT or Canfranc in the build/buy search bar.


Please don't claim my creations as your own/upload them elsewhere.