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The time has finally come to reveal The Klean Collection, a collection of items with that minimalist touch. After spending 8 months with the Coastal Collection I felt in need of a total direction chnage to something more modern. I see this collection becoming another long one, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

There will be at least another month of build items to look ahead to, with Sims 4 Studio being updated to support the creation of items such as fences, stairs and trims, it would be rude not to take full advantage of this.

It just so happens that Felixandre has also chosen to go in a more modern direction with his new Soho set, so I may have stolen the bathtub, rug, Travertine walls & floors to style with my windows and doors. You can find out more about his set HERE

This first set is comprised of 24 windows and doors, inspired by those you can find in Rick Owen's Venitian apartment. You can see the irl inspiration HERE. His brutalist style furniture may also make an appearance some time during the next few months too, but really this entire set is just my way of creating a few more items to add to the Brutalist Bathroom set that I know many of you have requested to be expanded to other areas of the house. I couldn't think of an entire set focused around Butalism, but there will be many items that could be defined as Brutalist in this set. Including the original sideboards and bar that inspired the vanity from the Brutalist Collection so many months, if not years ago!

All items are base game compatible and you can find them by searching KLEAN in the build/buy catalogue.


Items Include:

  • 2 tile bolt door (short, medium & tall)
  • 2 tile open bolt door (short, medium & tall)
  • 3 tile bolt door (short, medium & tall)
  • 3 tile open bolt door (short, medium & tall)
  • 4 tile bolt door (short, medium & tall)
  • 4 tile open bolt door (short, medium & tall)
  • 2 tile window (short, medium & tall)
  • 2 tile open window (short, medium & tall)