The Coastal Collection - Part Three

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The time has finally arrived, its kitchen month..or should I say kitchen month part 1! There were just so many more items that I want to add into this kitchen that I've decided to roll the concept over into a second month and include the appliances I couldn't fit into this first part along with furniture for the dining room.


But back to this month...

The set includes:

  • Kitchen Counter (wood countertop)
  • Kitchen Counter (marble countertop)
  • Accent Kitchen Counters x2 (wood & marble countertop)
  • Kitchen Island (wood countertop)
  • Kitchen Island (marble countertop)
  • Kitchen Cabinets w/ Trim (pre-cluttered)
  • Kitchen Cabinets (stackable) (empty)
  • Glass Accent Kitchen Cabinet (w/trim & stackable)
  • Farmhouse Sink (with tea towel)
  • Farmhouse Sink
  • Seamless Marble Sink
  • Clutter items (cereal boxes, tins, cans, cake stands, plates & bowls)


NOTE: The kitchen island has a unique right ending piece, if you'd rather have them matching you can find another right ending piece in the curved inner counter slot...nobody ever used that ugly piece anyway! 😂


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