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This theme has been in my inspiration book for a long time now and I am happy that I could complete it for this month.

This time I wanted to create a series of pieces with the same aesthetic, I know how difficult it is to match the whole house with all the different styles available, so I really wanted to give you some options to do that. This is going to be a series of four,  but probably not sequential.



Julia and Zuri just moved in to this house with a great location and they wanted to do it in full wood but stylish.



The inspiration came when they both saw this lovely home library in a magazine and Julia just fell in love of this full wall bookshelf.



And that bar table... Zuri couldn't resist it, it was available in all colors, and this beautiful oak was perfect for the living room.



Like Julia and Zuri, I think this collection is perfect to create some cozy spaces to read a book or to do whatever your Sims want to do.



I hope you like this cc pack and you can give your Sims a cool space to hang out with style. Just as they deserve! 



  • Build / Wall Sculptures: Staircase covers (8, 2 sizes)
  • Comfort: Living Chair, Love Seat, Sofa,
  • Decorative: Sitting Cushions, Magazine Rack, Plumbob Mirror, Mosaic Mirror, Plant
  • Lighting: Ceiling lamps (3 sizes), Floor Lamp, Wall Lamp
  • Storage: Bookshelf (2 sizes), Bookshelf Addon / Chest (2 sizes)
  • Surface: Bar Table (requieres Glamour Vintage SP), Coffee Table, 2 End Tables, Hallway Table


  • Poses used in the cover picture were made by SimmErika <3


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