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Today I want to tell you about this amazing collaboration I made with the great SPRING SIMS to bring you a very cool Mid Century Modern Kitchen. Stephen AKA Spring Sims and I were talking for a while about creating a beautiful kitchen for you guys and now we are very pleased to show your the result! 😍



Counters, Island and Cabinets came with enough (a lot of) swatches to create your perfect combination kitchen-dream in your Sims house. Also there is a beautiful double sink that matches very well.



We created beautiful appliances like a very stylish fridge, stove and stove hood, inspired on the popular Smeg line.



Get your Sims ready with some toast and a delicious hot drinks. This packs comes with a variety of decorative appliances and a functional kettle. Also a functional built-in microwave!



The perfect kitchen is ready to be created, don't be shy and make a beautiful and cozy family space for your Sims.



We really hope you enjoy this cc pack as much we do :)



  • Base game compatible
  • Functional appliances: Stove, Fridge, Built-in Microwave, Kettle
  • Decoration: Blender, Toaster, Clutter (various)
  • Plumbing: Double Sink!
  • Build: Walls and floors
  • Comfort: Stool for Island
  • Lighting: Ceiling lights (all lengths)
  • Surface: Counters and Islands are separated by base color (black, white and light brown) and Island Counters came in two versions (drawers position changes)



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