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I am more than happy to share with you my new cc pack that is part of my collection "Small Spaces" and is all about Laundry! Small Spaces: Laundry Room CC Pack.



Since I started using the washing machine and dryer from Laundry Day SP I wanted to make them a little more modern, I mean, the original design is not bad but there was a lot of room for improvement hahaha (if you don't own Laundry Day SP, a decorative version is available).



Also I wanted to create a few items that were related to this small space in homes, that's why I created this Open-Shelf Locker that I have seen is very popular in mudrooms. I think there are like 2 options in-game but your Sims can't sit there, but in this one you definitely can.



As you may have seen in a preview post, I also created a bathtub exclusively for dogs. This was really fun to do, and by the way, Sims can only use it for bathing dogs, even if it could be fun to see a Sim or Toddler use it, they can't.



And finally to complete this mini-mini set for pets, I created a new bed and a new dog food bowl (I recommend you to use the bowl only with large breed dogs)



I really hope you like this cc pack and this theme as much I do. And please let me know which other Small Spaces would you like to see in the future.



  • 26 new items
  • New functional washing machine (It needs Laundry Day SP)
  • New functional dryer (It needs Laundry Day SP)
  • Laundry clutter
  • Bathtub  exclusive for dogs
  • New bed and food bowl for pets
  • Decorative version of washing machine and dryer (in case you don’t own Laundry Day SP)
  • And more!


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