Rise&Grind CC Pack

Let me introduce you to Rise&Grind Coffee House: This stuff pack will take your sims to the finest coffee shop franchise in sim-nation! Experience the joy of tasting the most incredible caffeinated drinks inside of the most elegant stores.


Welcome to Rise&Grind Coffee House;

It looks like you’re a bit low on energy this morning… why don’t you stop by at your local Rise&Grind Coffee House? Hot, caffeinated drinks are waiting for you, here at the most stylish cafè you’ll ever visit! Choose a pastry from our wide variety of options and watch the morning go by.. and realize you’re now late for work.


Get Together VS Base Game Compatibility;

Some items in the pack require The Sims 4 Get Together (EP-02) to work properly, namely littledica.Rise&GrindCafè.EP02.CafèBarlittledica.Rise&GrindCafè.EP02.EspressoGrinder and littledica.Rise&GrindCafè.EP02.EspressoMachine. Everything else in the pack is 100% base game!


80 Fully Custom Items;

This pack contains 80 fully custom build and buy items! These are 100% original and do not re-use any assets from EA. You can call them up in your game by typing in the search-box either “Littledica” or “Rise&Grind”, or even “Rise&Grind Coffee House”.


Build Mode Items;

In this pack, a few build mode items are included. These items can’t be searched via the game’s search-box but you can easily find them regardless! Simply look for the pack icon in the stairsfencesrailings and floor trim categories.


When it comes to the Rise&Grind interior design language, it is easily summed up by "modern meets industrial". Furniture where metal joins wood, surrounded by walls and floorings of stone and bricks. The lighting is the cherry on top: all of their stores are engulfed in a warm and cozy orange hue, customers describe it as a welcoming hug when entering the premises.



The outdoor design is no-less amazing. The design team's main quest was, how do we create an interesting design out of boxes? After long studies of different finishes and textures, the addition of elements of decoration like trims and columns, the team was able to come up with a time-less design that would make itself known as soon as it meets the eyes of any sim.



Comfortable and cozy are the key words of our stores: relax on the lounge area equipped with soft arm chairs and sturdy coffee tables. You've come here to work? No problem! We have plenty of tables available for you, both indoor and outdoor.




Here at Rise&Grind Coffee House celebrating the artistic talent of our community is at the heart of the store's philosophy. Our blank walls are available for artists to decorate with their incredible skills.