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Build your Sims’ dream modern bedroom!

Transform your Sims’ bedroom into the trendiest part of their home with The Urban Bedroom Kit. From minimalistic pieces of furniture to modern decor, these Buy objects offer a unique style that is perfect for inner-city living.


My very first Buy collection is finally here! I’ve been wanting to create Build/Buy stuff for a long time now, but as a CAS content maker, I always felt a bit intimidated. I’ve been acquiring a bit of knowledge in Substance Painter in the last couple of months and just about 2 months ago finally felt confident enough to start working on this kit. I was very inspired by urban interior design so the direction of the pack was very clear from the beginning. This collection was also a great opportunity for me to sneak some things into the game that are very close to my heart. For some of you, my obsession with a certain blondie will be completely obvious but to others maybe not so much. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this pack!

You can easily find all items of this pack in-game by searching for “QICC” or “Urban Bedroom Kit”!


Basic information

  • 50 new items!
  • 49 base game compatible items
  • 1 item (vanity table) requires Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • The Kit contains items with average polygon counts
  • All items have their own LODs
  • 12 wood swatches
  • 7 bedding/miscellaneous swatches