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Pierisim - Winter Garden part 2

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Here's the second and last part of Winter Garden!


The Second part comes with a tone of windows/doors, that are almost versatile I think, because you also can use them for industrial builds! :). 

Also! I finaly manage to work on spandrel and columns and they are functional as you may have seen on the wip! I hope you will like to use them! There are also 4 new glass roofs. The column and spandrel comes with the same swatches than the windows / doors / roof so it works seamlessly :).

For filling a little bit the other side of the windows, I've made some exterior furniture, just in case there is a sunny day during the winter ;).


  • 60 new items all base game compatible.
  • Matching swatches for doors, arches, windows, column, roof and spandrel.
  • Find all the items by searching for Pierisim or Winter Garden.