Pastel Landscape Painting #2 Samtuse963

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Pastel color landscape painting, It can be moved at any time or placed in a Sims inventory, storage bins, backpacks, bookshelves, dormitory storage bins, craft sales tables, retail shelves. it will spark your Sims' imagination and relieve stress, plus increase environment score.

  • For base game
  • 6 Piece
  • Imaginative +2
  • Environment Score +1
  • Relief Stress +5
  • Can moved any time or placed in a Sims inventory.
  • Can be given as a gift (Need Seasons Pack)


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Important information:

All my objects are designed based on the basic game. There are absolutely no scripts added, and there will be no EXE files.If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me a private message, and I will answer or solve it as soon as possible.


Hope you all have fun! 🧡🧡🧡

by samtuse963