Octave Collection - Part 1

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Month one of the set and of course its my favourite part of the home...the kitchen! This set has a lot of tiny details that I would love to explain to you all, but unfortunately I don't have my microphone with me, so I can't do my usual overview video to explain everything! 😔


The most important thing you need to know is all about those double ovens you have been waiting for! Unknown to me before I decided to tackle this project, the DHD built in ovens have a glitch which only appears if the counter they are slotted to isn't empty. So unless you leave the counter above you oven completely empty, the oven door animation will look totally wonky and appear to open at floor level 🤦🏾‍♀️ Also if you have a low and high oven in game, your sim will always default to using the low oven. They will NEVER use the high oven, even if you queue up the action from there. So to allow you to have the double oven look and force your sims to use that high oven, I've included a decorative low oven, so you can still get the look and your sims will be forced to use the high oven like we all want to see! 

Also make sure to have auto counters turned off when placing built-in appliances, otherwise they disappear when placed. You can always turn auto counters back on once placed :)


I would have loved to make more appliances, but there just wasn't enough time to fit them all in. Thankfully next time I do a kitchen I can add to them and future kitchen can also include the new appliance unit using the same dimensions, so you can mix & match everything. 


The set includes:

  • Patinated Kitchen Counter (46 Swatches)
  • Wooden Kitchen Counter (45 Swatches)
  • Patinated Kitchen Island
  • Wooden Kitchen Island
  • Patinated Accent Counter
  • Patinated Accent Island
  • Wooden Accent Counter
  • Wooden Accent Island
  • Patinated Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wooden Kitchen Cabinets
  • Appliance Cabinet
  • Low Oven (requires DHD)
  • Decorative Low Oven
  • High Oven (requires DHD)
  • Coffee Machine
  • Hob
  • Sink
  • Pendant Lights (3 heights)
  • Salt + Pepper Grinders


Overview Video