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Hi everyone! 

A new year, a new set. (I'm not counting Jade Build Part 2 as a set from this year, because I started making it last year.) Anyway. The first theme of Chillin' Areas series is "Home Bar". The set contains 50 items. What makes this set special for me is that I have tried a brand new color palette. Actually, I chose the colors used in packs such as Dream Home Decorator. You can see the new colors and items in the gifs at the very beginning. The items included in the set are as follows.

  • Bar
  • Back Bar
  • Back Bar Drinks (This item allows you to use the back bar as a functional bar.)
  • Bar Stool (2 versions)
  • Ceiling Extension
  • Deco Drink Bottles (10 different styles)
  • Deco Glasses (20 different styles) You can place these glasses on the rails located on the bar, the back bar and the ceiling extension. When you place the cups here, it will automatically turn upside down.
  • Deco Beverage Dispanser
  • Deco Beverage Bucket
  • Deco Bartender Kit
  • Deco Straws
  • Wine Cabinet
  • Wines (This item allows you to use the wine cabinet as a functional bar and this is referred to in the game as nectars.)
  • Side Cabinet
  • Sink (This sink is specially designed for the back bar. It may look strange if you use it elsewhere.)
  • Sul Sul Sign
  • Water Glass (I extract this out of the base game to use as a decor in the sink. But when I added a slot to the sink, it became unusable.)
  • LED Lights (for Bar, Back Bar, Nectar Cabinet and Side Cabinet.)


I guess that's it.


  • All items are Base Game Compatible.
  • The color tags are marked correctly.
  • You can find everything by typing "Lilith Chilling Areas".


I hope you enjoy the set. Thanks for everything 💖💖💖