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Kwatei Collection - Part 2


The second part of the Kwatei Collection focuses in on my favourite room of the home, the kitchen! 😁

I have been known to do a kitchen or two in my past, but like each and every one I try to do a design that I have attempted or seen done before. This one was inspired by a brick feature wall that I spotted on Pinterest. Its not often that I start and then completely redo an item, but the counters were originally started in the month I decided to take my break and when I went back to look with fresh eyes a month later I decided that they were way too detailed and the end result would look a little alpha, which isn't what I'm aiming for! The revised version and simplified design turned out even better than I could have hoped. 

I really would have loved to expand more on this subject with more clutter items for the kitchen, but unfortunately I have to release everything today because I'm having surgery tomorrow and I'll need to take the next 2 weeks off to recover.


Without further ado...ENJOY!!


Set Includes:

  • Brick Kitchen Counter (45 swatches)
  • Brick Accent Kitchen Counter (45 swatches)
  • Brick Kitchen Island (45 swatches)
  • Brick Accent Kitchen Island (45 swatches)
  • Live Edge Wooden Shelves (left, right & middle)
  • Block Sink
  • Ethiopian Serving Tray
  • Jebena Coffee Pot
  • Jebena Coffee Set