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Kitchen Set [Ancient Roman Theme]


This is a set containing 23 pieces. So you can build your perfect Ancient Roman Kitchen.

The set includes functional stove, sink, dining table, chair, bench, shelf, counter, and a lot of decorative objects in the ancient roman style, so you can customize your perfect Kitchen.



The bench is copied from a dining chair, so it has just one spot. If you want more Sims to sit on the bench, I also created invisible chair placement, which you can place on both side of the bench.



This is part 2 of 3 dedicated to Ancient Roman Theme.

(You can check part 1 dedicated to Roman fast food taverns HERE, Part 3 is coming in May will cover Wine Making and building vineyard and Winery).

If you like history, you can check out the origin of fast food in Ancient Pompeii (the video that inspired me to make this set and the whole thematic CC project) right here.