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Today is the day, here is my new CC PACK called Hotel Bedroom, inspired in an elegant but versatile hotel room. A few months ago when I made the poll about upcoming rooms a bedroom was a total winner, so I tried to think about doing something interesting with it.

I know there are not real Hotels in the game but why should that hold back ourselves from playing with the idea. I am wrong?  (By the way, you can store the extra decorative pillows in your Sim inventory before going to bed).

And of course I wanted to create elements that could be useful in other situations/styles like these sofas and marble coffee table.

As every real hotel, there is a twin room option as well, with all the amenities for a perfect stay even if its for decorating your residential home.

Also this desk set is something I really liked, it's modular so you can create your own combinations. I would like to mention that the Mini Bar is functional and the power switches add a more realistic look, don't you think?

For the suitcases I used the "Treasure chest" object from the base game, so actually, you can store some stuff inside. Cool, isn't it?

Finally, there are a lot of objects you can use to decorate your Hotel Room or just your home. What do you think? I really hope you like it.


  • 42 new items
  • 38 items base game compatible
  • New window
  • Single and double beds with functional bed decoration
  • New carpet floors
  • Mini Bar & Room Service Cart* (Packs needed: GV and IL)
  • Functional power switches
  • And more!


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