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I am very happy to present you my latest CC Pack Dreamy Outdoor (and btw thank you for help me choosing the name 😊). This cc pack is focused a variety of objects you can use for decorate a perfect patio.


With this new outdoor coal grill you can create the best dishes in your backyard, and what about those open French doors, cool aren't they? 


Enjoy the summer or make a funny party with this new functional floats (I wanted the very classic Flamingo float in the game!) the other one is a funny eggplant.


And when the night comes you can use this beautiful outdoor fireplace to warm your Sims.


Another of my favorites object for this cc pack is this hanging swing, perfect to use on my new pergola or you can just be as creative as you want.


This cc pack contains 2 new chair designs, to make them useable I had to fix them with the current temporally fix for chairs but when there is a official fix I am going to update them.


A new chaise lounge is now in the collection and string lights to complete your picture perfect patio.

This line comes with a lot of swatches as well!


  • Base game compatible
  • 36 new meshes
  • Functional Floats require Island Living


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TIP: You can find all my CC or this CC Pack typing "SixamCC" or "Dreamy Outdoor" in the search bar in the catalog.