Hey Everyone 👋,

I created quite a few parts for the Chateau Set, we are now at part 7 😁 : The Bedroom.

For this set, I created a cane bed and an ottoman that ties in with last month's items. The Bed can be decorated with a hanging Canopy. A bedroom also needs storage so you'll get a dresser a drawer and two different side tables. Your end tables can be decorated with a vintage telephone, alarm clock, peony bouquet, or table lamp.

I sat down this month and hand-painted a chinoiserie Wallpaper inspired by 'De Gournay' and created a Persian 'Silk' Rug. All the items have between 15 and 20 swatches.

I think this bedroom turned out rather cozy and I hope you and your Sims will like it.

Oh before I forget, I was invited to be part of the EA Creator Network, I am so happy about that 😃, so once again ... thank you so so so much for all your support it means so much to me 😭

Lots of love and happy Simming,

Felix xxx