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Hello καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ :)

The time has come and the Amazing Brand New World of Simtorini is here and it is beautiful! 😍

I teamed up with Nando to create a beautiful World Mod + CC Pack inspired by Santorini Greece. 

This collaboration is divided in two parts, the CC Pack "Breeze Of Greece"  created by me and the new World of Simtorini created by Nando.

Transport your Sims to a new paradise in Simtorini, where you and your Sims will have an incredible stay.

Imagine what your Sim will feel walking by or having a relaxing day with these beautiful landscapes. This is something you will only see at Simtorini.

Everything you need to decorate your small balcony, create a cozy little space in your backyard or build that amazing patio you Sims always wanted with this collection of versatile furniture.

This CC Pack also has beautiful doors and classic windows, lovely arches with the characteristic plaster finishes from the real Santorini and many other beautiful objects that will let you recreate this exciting destination.



  • 45 new items
  • New dining
  • New Chairs and Sofas
  • New Pergola and bookshelves
  • New Doors, Arches and Windows
  • New floors
  • And more!


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