Zone Control Advanced

The style of gameplay comes from the original Zone Control but advances from it.

Instead of using bunkers and having a Science Vessel flying around, you use Pylon's and use a probe to build them.

Not only do units spawn on your Pylons, as they did to the bunkers in the original, but you can now warp in a Marine, a Zealot, or a Zergling into your zones for the cost of minerals for reinforcements.

There are 100 upgrades in total for each upgrade, but no unit abilities as of yet.

There is a center unit, in the middle of the map, that spawns randomly every 10-20 seconds. Killing this unit obtains you 5 full minerals (That's equivalent to killing 5 Marines.) So the beginning of the game is going to be controlling the center of the map, and get people who turtle out of the game quickly.

There are Proton Cannons instead of bunkers, which kill Marines in 1 hit, until marines get their 10th Armor upgrade.

You can also build Proton Cannons for a hefty 300 Minerals... I will be watching to see what tweaks need to be made for balance sakes.