ZigZag TD

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Zig-Zag Tower Defense

A multi-player tower defense map over a zig zag path. You have 20 lives and each time an enemy reaches the end you lose one. Lose them all and it's game over.


  • Supports up to 4 players (multi-player not yet tested)
  • 20 levels of enemies including 2 boss levels.
  • 8 towers. 11 upgraded towers. 10 research upgrades.
  • 2 difficulty levels (Normal and Hard)
  • Enemy kills gain you resources to build more towers. In multi-player everyone gains resources from killing so it doesn't matter who kills them.


  • Missile Tower. Standard tower with very minor splash damage. Bonus damage to shields. Can be upgraded into EMP Missile Towers which only damage shields.
  • Crystal Laser Tower. Does significantly more damage after focusing on a target for 3 or more seconds. Has bonus damage against massive units
  • Dragon Tower. Flame splash damage tower. Does bonus damage to Light units.
  • Scorpion Tower. Single target high damage but very short range. Bonus damage to biological units.
  • Support Tower. Detects cloaked units and can be upgraded to towers which buff your other towers.
  • Interceptor Tower. Launches 5 interceptors which do bonus damage to mechanical units. Very long range.
  • Nuke Tower. Large area affect tower with huge damage. Needs to be manually fired, has a cooldown and needs energy.
  • Temporal Tower. Slows enemies in a radius around itself.

Feedback wanted! Made lots of changes this version. Will go to version 1.0 soon once this version is balanced.

Big thanks for sc2mapster and all the players here who have tested my map and given feedback!

Features being worked on

  • More buff towers and cool effects.
  • Always trying to balance the towers and make it challenging.