Xel'naga Relics

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Beta version published to Europe.

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The mysterious Narud Corporation has recruited you as a Bounty Hunter for reclaiming the last Xel'naga Relics in a forgotten world. You are not alone tought, The Swarm, the Moebius Foundation and the Tal'darim fanatics are already fighting for the relics. On top of that, many others adventurers from all the galaxy follow the same objetive, and they'll have no mercy.


-6 Heroes to choose from. More to come.
-Level your hero up to level 12, with 7 multiple level skills to choose from.
-Recruit mercenaries for your cause with the mineral you gain. 3 different mercenaries unlocked at different levels, the Marine, the Medic and the Scientist (can see invisible units and search for nearby relics).
-Each game is different with random enemy positions, relics spawns, optional objetives (34 different right now) and path blockers.

The game ends when all the relics have been reclaimed (4 Small, 2 Large and 1 Artifact). The hero with more Narud Reputation will win the game. You win reputation the following ways:

-Reclaiming Relics.
-Completing optional objetives.
-Killing other heros.
-Killing enemy units.


-Pretty much all the quest text is placeholder.
-The terrain has work to do, probably around 80% done.
-Some stuff will probably still be in Spanish. Nothing important I hope.
-Probably some English text will be in Spanglish. My English is far from perfect, if you wanna make some corrections/suggestion, feel free.