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WASD Movement Engine Plug & Play

Demo version of WASD engines. MOD only version can be seen at:

Two Plug and play 2D movement Engines. Each Engine can be Loaded into a map and used with minimal editing. Instructions are in the trigger editor. All Engines use an acceleration physics behavior. A unit will build up speed the longer they move in a direction.

Customizable behaviors: Acceleration, Max Speed, Turn Rate Standing (Relative Engine), Turn Rate Moving (Relative Engine)

Relative Movement Engine:
Movement based on the current facing direction of the Unit. Directional Changes based on the facing direction. i.e. A moves a unit to it's left, rather than camera left. Also has a crude strafe ability.

Omni-Directional Movement Engine:
Pressing the Keys will cause the unit to move in an 8 directional behavior. Alternating directions slows the unit down considerably.