Warlords: Battle for Captum

Last Updated: Nov 5, 2013



Dec 1, 2010

Owner: wsellinger


ATTENTION: Due to an error where we were not being registered as a new map, Warlords is now hosted on Battle.net as "Warlords: Battle for Captum" by my partner MrVanderCake

Warlords is a “wars” style game similar to Desert Strike, Colonial Line Wars, or Nexus Wars, but with a personality all its own.

  • Less of a focus on the unit stacking “tug” effect, making the victory of each wave have a more concrete impact.
  • 4 player FFA, meaning your victories and defeats are attributed entirely to your own skill.
  • Space and supply limits, meaning players must change their army composition frequently to stay on top of their foes
  • And much more!

Visit the Warlords Official Website for information, patch-notes, how-to-play, and screen shots!

Compete with 3 other warlords vying for control of the war torn planet of Captum. Build buildings and research technology to build up a respectable army while managing your economy and limited base space. Build up base defenses and don't let your wall fall! Destroy all enemy HQs to win!


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