Super StarCraft Go-Kart

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Official Beta Launch of Super Starcraft GoKart!

This game is based upon a the classic mario gokart game series, but set in the startcraft universe!

The goal of this beta is to test the map to make sure the features are working correctly and smooth out any bugs. once everything is working as it should be then I will share a file with all of the triggers for anyone else who wants to make a course and I will begin releasing several polished courses myself.

Currently the map supports only 1v1 play. I will expand this to at least 4 players after Beta, and possibly 6 and 8 beyond that (depending how well the game handles the lag of that many players)

Keep in mind, this is a beta race track and it isn't spiffy yet, this is mostly for testing and feedback on the system in place. PLEASE test this, especially with a buddy if you have a way to play custom maps with a friend in place, and provide feedback in the comments section.


  • Simple trial track which monitors progress and keeps track of laps. first to complete 3 wins!
  • WASD movement.
  • W accelerates.
  • S slows down / reverses.
  • Right click for hard brakes.
  • Left click to use items.
  • Run over Archons to pick up items.
  • 5 pick ups currently implemented:
  1. Cloak: turns unit invisible and makes it immune to attack for 4 seconds
  2. Speed boost: increases speed to 75% greater than the typical maximum for 4 seconds
  3. Missile: shoots a missile in a straight line which reduces a units movement speed to zero when hit.
  4. EMP: aoe attack which locks the input for anyone hit. (ex, if you are taking a right turn when hit you will be trapped in that right turn for 4 secs til the effect wares off and you regain control)
  5. Stasis Mine: lasts for 10 seconds. any unit which drives over the stasis mine will be frozen in place until the mine goes away. However, once the effect wears off, you will immediately resume your bearing and course with no loss to the speed at which you were traveling. Also, while frozen in stasis you are immune to other effects (cant be shot by rockets or EMP'd)

Change Log:

Beta V1.1

  • Adjusted the acceleration system so you now slowly slow down when your finger isn't on the gas.
  • Adjusted the turning radius so it widens and shrinks based on your current speed. (the faster you go the wider your turns, the slower you go the sharper your turns.)
  • Opened up a hole along the race track wall so you can exit and test out how the controls feel in a wide open area. (note: you will be able to drive through the outter sides of the race track cliffs once you exit the course, this isn't a bug)