Space Haven

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Rip your opponents to shreds in this space platform map. Easily defendable natural expansions. Destroying piles of scrap gives you more access routes. A smiley for the one with air supremacy.

Please report any bugs you find.

Now as of request here are the features: This is a 1v1 melee map Tileset: Ulnar (Xel Naga Ship) Each player has a easily defendable natural expansions, there are 2 more expansions in the south (they have high yield, but there are only 4 minerals there) and two vespene expansions in the east and west. Also there is a high yield expansion in the north, between the starting points which has 8 high yield mineral patches. You can destroy piles of scrap to gain access to more routes, aswell as access to the other players natural expansion. Map size: Small-Medium (Also note: this map looks much better in-game then it does in the editor!)


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