Scion Custom Races Campaign Upgrades

This project is designed to be used as a dependency for your projects utilizing the Scion Races. It's focused on adding 3 upgrades to every unit, 6 passive upgrades (such as fire suppression systems), and 12 heroic abilities (Think Spear of Adun or a Kerrigan ability) for every race in Solstice's "Scion Custom Races" mod. These upgrades are designed to be strong and utilized in a campaign setting, perfect for custom campaigns or for race swap campaigns. Unit upgrades are designed to be enabled one at a time, mutually exclusively by default, so if you'd like to enable two or more at a time, you will need to adjust the passives buttons on the respective command cards.


Note: These upgrades have not been field-tested in a campaign yet, so values are subject to change.



(70% complete. Version 1.0)


Base Changes:

  • Tesla charges can be picked up
  • Repulsors and Interdictors have conceal and reveal (burrow and unburrow) autocast by default




  • Cloaking Generator - Processors are permanently cloaked (imported from the base mod)
  • Analyze Weakness - Processors apply a debuff that makes units take 35% more damage (imported from base mod then upgraded)
  • Jorium Battery Filaments - Processors have triple the energy capacity. (from 75 to 225)




  • Note: It is advised to give spitfires their movement speed upgrade from the base mod by default. 
  • Lossless Manufacturing - Spitfires are 25% cheaper and 25% faster to build
  • Kevlar Sheaths - Spitfires gain +1 armor
  • Madcap Rounds - Spitfires gain +1 range (imported from the base mod)



  • Aquilan Charge Rounds - Supercharge deals 300% damage instead of 200% damage
  • Secondary Engine - Overdrive increases speed by 100% instead of 50%
  • Borean Reactor - Blitzer energy is doubled (60 instead of 30)



  • GONK Powercells - Fixers repair for free
  • Hydrophobic Polymers - Fixers gain +1 armor and take 50% less damage from banelings
  • Speedcloak - Fixers gain an ability that increases their speed and cloaks them for 4 seconds. (adjusted from the base mod)



  • Reinforced Plating - Equalizers gain 30HP (total of 150).
  • Optimized Preignitions - Equalizers attack 25% faster.
  • Aerofoil Fins - Equalizers can attack air, but do -10 vs light.



  • Phalanx Reactor - Supercharge can be held for 60 seconds instead of 5 seconds. Aquila attacks also ignore armor.
  • Oxidizing Nanites - Nanite Grenade reduces armor by 1, costs half the price (25 instead of 50), and has its casting range extended by 1.
  • Jorium-Tipped Rounds - Aquilas deal +4 vs massive and psionic. Because supercharge triples attack damage, when supercharged that's +12 vs massive and psionic.




  • Shrapnel Shells - Torrent anti-air attacks do splash damage.
  • Psionic Field Dowsing - Torrents gain a detection range of 6 and their anti-ground attack deals 2.5 times damage vs light.
  • Propulsion Targeting - Torrent anti-air attacks slow the target by 30%.



  • Air Pressure Antennae - Mole radars get +5 range and pickup air units
  • Torque Transistors - Concealed moles have 15 vision range, Moles get 2.75 speed (the speed of most Genetron units) instead of 2.25, and Moles get +1 vision (not the burrowed mole)
  • Tunneling Claws - Moles burrow and unburrow almost instantly (0.25s for both), and gain +1 range.



  • Lateral Trajectory Computation - ELOR Protocol has +2 casting range
  • Overdrive - Inciters gain Overdrive, priced at 50 energy
  • Palladium Tank - Inciters have triple the energy capacity



  • Palladium Charge Casings - Teslas can house 3 charges instead of 1.
  • Charge Ionizers - Shock Charges deal double the damage and have 1.5 times the energy.
  • Compacted Refraction Cells - Cloak Charges have 1.5 times the energy and gain +1 range.



  • Amplified Welders - Self-Fix heals twice as much (400/400 HP) in half the time (2s instead of 4s)
  • Independent Cannon Circuitry - Self-Fix no longer disables the Virtus's weapon
  • Continuous Combat Programming - Virtuses can fire on the move.


Assembly Array:


  • Extended Missile Chamber - Avengers can house 2 vengeance missiles instead of 1.
  • Ardeon Frame - Avengers gain +50HP (200 total).
  • Efficient Internal Assembly - Avengers have quadruple the energy and can make vengeance missiles in 1 second.



  • Scutum Artifice - Hornets gain 25 shields with 6 armor
  • Simplified Schematics - Hornet build time is reduced to 10 seconds (from 42)
  • Electromagnetic Drills - Hornets deal +1 vs shields



  • Reentry Rockets - If the courier dies, units inside will survive with 50%HP
  • Metapsionic Suppressors - Optical Disruption now disables the target's detection and lasts 50% longer.
  • Dynamic Storage Chutes - Couriers can carry 4 more cargo (14 total), and have double the drop speed.



  • Extended Ignition Cells - Ignition Blast lasts twice as long (6s instead of 3s)
  • Serrated Plates - Ignition Blast's radius is increased by 1.
  • Acid-Repellant Polymers - Boars take 75% less damage from scourge and gain 25HP (250 total)



  • Alchemist Fire - Napalm radius is increased by 1
  • Improved Fission - Revenant Bomb's radius is increased by 1
  • Defensive Flight Computer - Jupiters gain +1 armor and +10% movement speed.



  • AAM Laser - Shoots incoming missiles for 10 energy (adjusted from the base mod)
  • Powershell - Badgers use their energy as a shield, drained at a rate of 2.1 per second while doing so. (imported from the base mod)
  • Badger Laser -  Activated weapon that has a minimum range of 6, and maximum range of 12 dealing ~100dps, draining 5 energy per second while active.




  • Durasteel Motherboards - Nodes provide +4 supply (12 total) and Generators create double the energy.
  • Iridium Tool Fittings - ACRs (Genetron workers) gather +1 minerals and +1 gas per trip and move 15% faster.
  • Internal Repair Lattices - Repuslors and Interdictors regenerate HP in combat at a rate of 1 when revealed and at a rate of 4 when concealed.
  • Invisible Autoturret - Processing Cores get the Aquila's attack
  • Lockdown Repair Matrix - Buildings automatically heal themselves out of combat to 25%HP, which is just enough to disengage lockdown mode.
  • Universal Schematic Uploaders - Numerical upgrades are 25% cheaper and take 25% less time to research.


Heroic Abilities

(Not yet implemented)




(Not yet implemented. Version 2.0)



(Not yet implemented. tbd)



Download the mod and unzip it in the mods folder of your StarCraft 2 directory.



Version 0.5.0: Updates the mod to SCR version 1.89. Added upgrade names (subject to change)
Version 0.4.0: Includes Genetron unit and passive upgrades. Most upgrades are unnamed.