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Sandstorm Defense

Sandstorm Defense Alpha (Development Stages)


I will soon add my FPS engine as a library. This will contain everything you need for movement, camera work, shooting, respawns, toggling on/off, and a weapon framework requiring some work of the user to utilize. All of my work is open-sourced and has been developed by myself and with help from SC2Mapster's community.

Brief Description

Sandstorm Defense is a FPS base defense map. In addition to playing in first person, each player has their own squad they can customize which accompanies them during the onslaught of aggressive Zerg waves. The battle takes place during a sandstorm on Terran desert colony which has knocked out orbital defense systems. Can you survive until the storm clears?


  • Terrainer - polish current map
  • Data - weapons and abilities
  • Trigger - primarily UI/HUD work
  • Artist - weapon models for FPS view

Working Features

  • FPS Movement
  • FPS Camera
  • Rifle Weapon
  • Flamethrower Weapon
  • Skybox
  • Actor Hiding
  • 1 to 4 Unit Squad AI
  • Wave1 Zerglings
  • Wave AI
  • 2 Player Online

In Progress

  • 4 Player Support
  • Respawns
  • Indoor Enviroments
  • Custom Weapon Models
  • Custom UI/HUD
  • Polished Terrain
  • Plot Line
  • Dynamic Player Influenced Base Defense Force
  • Kill Based Economy
  • Leveling Stats and Skills
  • Squad Upgrades
  • Squad Customizations
  • Add More Waves