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You want the best Training Ground?

"The Sandbox" should do it for you. All SC2 units, upgrades and buildings are instantly available on a wide open sandy terrain with ramps and bases. Also 45 predefined micro challenges awaiting you. Relatively few buttons grant you a great variety of possibilities.

Play in The Sandbox solo or 1v1 with a friend:

  • Find hard counters to any unit composition
  • Test different upgrade variations
  • Practice new unit compositions against random armies
  • Micro against a working tactical AI
  • Outmicro mirror armies
  • Hold ramps of all kinds
  • Plan your base build
  • Defend your mineral line
  • Practice drops
  • Play predefined micro challenges
  • Invent your own challenges

You are not in the mood for competitive starcraft? Go play in The Sandbox, explore and improve.

What is better in The Sandbox?

I know, there are some good Unit Tester and Micro Trainer around, but "The Sandbox" is the next step in the evolution of the training grounds, I think.

  • The terrain has some real base locations with natural expansions (extracted from actual ladder maps).
  • You can display not just the army cost, but also the upgrades cost and the buildings cost.
  • You can build anything instantly with tool units or like usual (build a worker...)
  • I put a lot of work in the random armies, so you just press the random button and have fun.
  • The tactical AI uses abilities and is not too bad.
  • You can create and save your own challenges.
  • And I hope you like the style.

Introduction Video:

Server Uploads:

  • EU: "The Sandbox" (upload by dingoo)
  • NA: "The Sandbox [by dingoo]" (upload by phoenix)
  • SEA: "The Sandbox (SEA)" (upload by Akinokaze)
  • KR: ?
  • CN: ?

(Can anybody upload it on other servers?)

The Sandbox Lessons: